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Audiocity is one of the most important Software for PC .Audiocity allows you to edit all popular audio formats of audio.The program come with many professional editing and recording is possible to create both live recordings as well as cut tracks.The most important tool to start editing is the selection tool which highlights a particular area so that you could play it separately and edit. Audiocity has an audio toolbox with countless effects .an equalizer and frequency analysis on board.The users can set all settings on the Audiocity interface .The commands Cut ,Copy and paste allow you to tinker with your own tracks.You can also link Audiocity to the microphones for you to add your own voice tracks.
Audiocity can import and export dozen of different file formats,then easily adjust your file with multi track editing ,smooth fading ,Labeling ,syncing and more .Audiocity can also let you remove annoying hissing ,humming and other background noises.perfect if you can not guarantee  the quality of your recording environment. Audiocity is a great free alternative to costly audio and take it for the spin today.

Features of Audiocity :

  • Work with all popular Audio Formats.
  • Editing via Cut ,Copy and Paste with unlimited level of undo.
  • Conversing of cassette taps of records into digital tracks by splitting the audio source into multiple tracks based on silences in the source material.
  • Adjusting audio pitch while maintaining speed and adjusting audio speed while maintaining pitch.
  • Use of microphones line input and other sources are used to record.
  • Removal of the background music like hump and hiss.
  • Adjusting of the volume in the sound track using compressor ,amplifiers ,and normalize effects of the application .
  • Control of echo in the track.
  • Mixing of tracks with different formats is easily done with audiocity in real life.
  • Change in the speed of the audio track.

Audiocity is one of the best free recording software by far,with the audiocity course it teaches you a lot  help save 100%of your time.

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