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Microsoft is an office suite that include a variety of applications .These includes a great number of very popular programs such as Word ,Excel ,PowerPoint ,Microsoft access outlook Onenote as well as applications such as Microsoft publisher ,Skype for business microsoft project microsoft vision and share point designer.Also included in the suite are server such as Microsoft search server and lync server as well as services such as and  microsoft  updates.Microsoft Office is taking big steps toward the more collaborative way of working based on cloud services .fully synced multiple devices permanent access to your documents and easy and safe file sharing capabilities Microsoft office is just one more of these steps that are dramatically changing not only the tool we use ,but also what we conceive our interaction with them.

Top features of Microsoft Office 

  • Microsoft Office 2016 allows several users to work together on documents and incorporates the group section into its softwares that makes it easier for people to collaborate on projects. 
  • If you share different documents among different people they can co-author them as well as chatting between each other within word and talking over Skype which is integrated with office.
  • It has also ports the groups features of office 365 into Outlook.This allows group chats and file sharing for custom groups of individuals .
  • Microsoft redesigned the ribbon in all the office apps to make the experience closer to that of windows users.

These latest inovotions take another big step forward in transforming office from familiar set of individul prodctivity app to a connected set of apps and service design for modern working collaborating and team work.

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