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The Latest version of Rapid Typing Tutor has been released .Rapid Typing Tutor is the free educational software that is compatiable with computers which run Windows or Linux.This application offers introduction courses for very biginners and biginner courses for learning the position of keys on the keyboard.There are also advanced and expert course for advanced and workers.Rapid Typing Tutor provides customizable tests ,Drill and typing games with real time progress tracking ,the users can select their particular keyboard and view the virtual keyboard with multiple they know where they are supposed to put their hands and fingers.Highlighted zone for each finger help you learn placing your fingers properly a second nature in no time.for non standard layout users,Rapid typing tutor will automatically create a new virtual keyboard based on your chosen layout.Typing tutor offers many visual aids to help adult and diagram multiple user support makes rapid typing a perfect tool for educational facilities such as school and universities .
This is very simple app to use ,you can create item list and guest list very easy.

Features of Rapid Typing Tutor.

  1. Rapid Typing provides a complete virtual keyboard with both hands moving over it to show the right typing position for each hand and finger.
  2. Rapid Typing keyboard supports the following keyboards.  Arabic ,Dutch ,English ,french .German ,Greek ,Hungarian ,Russian and Spanish.
  3. Rapid Typing Tutor provides users with satisfied on typing speed ,accuracy ,and time out.Lesson can be edited and modified depending on the users needs.
  4. The Typing tutor has been integrated with virtual keyboard .It also support Qwearty ,Qwertz ,Azerty ,Dvorak ,for left or right hand ,BEPO. Colemak ,ABNT2 ,and many other.

Advanced your typing speed and accuracy with the newest typing tutor.With rapid typing tutor you will learn using your keyboard more efficiently in just a few easy lessons for absolutely free .

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