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The latest version of FlashFXP  has been released .FlashFXP provides the fastest and easiest way to transfer or backup files between your local computer and a remote server ,or directly between two servers.FlashFXP is very easy to use for less technical individuals to industry class professionals anyone can master FLASHFXP.This program is design for use with either usb flash driver or other portable media ,but can be installed anywhere ,it does not add anything to the add or remove program and is configured to run completely from its install location .FlashFXP many security options including clear command channel with blowfish .This program permits anonymous and signal use logins.The users will find the great program which costs less then most.The program presents some of the most secure transfers .users can find that it has the ability to work with client crest ,ssl site to site transfer and farewell support.The software also works with HTTPS connections and check point FW-1 type farewells.
for the users it provides several tools to help ensure complete transfer including the keep connection alive autoresum and auto reconnect.

Features of FlashFXP.

  • High performance FTP file transfer.
  • Upload and Download documents photos ,videos ,music and more.
  • Transfer or backup local and remote files.
  • Share your files with friends and family by using the powerful site manager.
  • The program can handle thousands of connection files.If you are behind a farewell proxy or gateway there us no need to worry as FTP can be configured to support almost any network configuration.
  • Application Password protection.
  • Drag and drop transfer.
FTP can connect to sFTP servers ,backup to FTP ,edit PHP files and edit HTML documents

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