Download Free Daum PotPlayer 1.7.1150 Latest Version For PC.

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The Latest version of PotPlayer has been installed with its new features.It is a pretty awesome Player for Windows, that supports variety of media formats and has a large set of controls and options.This player handles all major formats,AVI ,MOV ,and MKV files .It also handles rather large files as well upwards 1.5 GB.The program already includes built in codecs .It also supports Digital TV devices ,Webcam ,Analogs ,DXVA ,live broadcasts and more.It is a smooth player with a great looking ,minimalist user interface.It has an extensive range of configurable options to choose from and lots of functionality .the application supports plethora of formats and the sound and video quality is superb.The player also supports subtitles files with ,ass ,srt ,xsub and sup extensions and automatically includes subtitles if the file is sub located in the same folder as the video file.It includes a set of visualizers for audio files and provides an equalizer .It can also shows and modify output information ,such as the bit rate ,range ,formats and many other options which the lay user may not need.If you are looking for a new media player that has stacks of format support and is relatively lightweight ,then may be Pot Player is just what you are looking for.

Features of PotPlayer Latest Version:

  • Support variety of formats and has a large set of controls and options.
  • There is no need to install different codecs all the time when using the player.Supports open codec so users can easily add whatever codecs they want.
  • It is very wide range of features and options for both video and audio files.
  • It supports various Subtitles formats ,Text subtitles (SMI and SRT).DVD ,and blu- ray subtitles .ASS/SSA animation and SMI Ruby tags .
  • It supports various type of 3D Glasses ,so you can get the 3D experience anytime you want using your 3D TV or PC.


  • Latest Version : Daum PotPlayer 1.7.1150
  • Licence : Free 
  • File Size : 20.14 MB
  • Operating System : Window (All Version)

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