Betternet 3.7.4 Free VPN Free Download For Windows.

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Betternet is the program that has been created to allow you to surf the web anonymously .It is free VPN utility for windows that help mask your identity and prevent your online activity from being tracked.This program is ideal for those individuals who want to connect to certain websites without always having their IP address logged or can simply be a security measure that you take into place when using WIFI -Hotspots.It gives you access to the entire blocked websites in your country.You can unblocked Facebook ,Youtube ,Whatsapp Twitter and other social networks and bypass the government censorship.It works just like the free proxy but it is even more secured.Your Password and your personal data is secured and you are protected from hackers.This program takes up very little room on your computer and can easily help you to surf more anonymously in a secure and reliable fashion

Features of Betternet free VPN :

  1. It is a free VPN for windows with no ads and no registrations.
  2. It connects you to the fastest server.
  3. It gives you access to the entire blocked websites in your country.
  4. It supports your device connection while you are connected to public wifi -hotspots ,cellular data networks and other public locations 

Program Info :

  • Latest Version : Betternet 3.7.4 
  • File Size : 10.1 MB
  • License : Free 
  • O.S : Windows ( All versions)
To download Betternet 3.7.4  Free VPN .Click on the given download Link below.!

Download link :

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