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WordPress 4.7.4 is the safest version have been released.It is the powerful personal publishing platform ,and its come with a great set of features design to make your experience as a publisher on the internet as easy pleasant and appealing as possible.It is great application that you can use to create beautiful websites or blogs.Wordpress brings a great deal of features and functions for web based publishing .It is pretty comprehensive and can be integrated to numerous functions from multimedia ,web pages ,links and many others.It is not only free ,but is a state of the art semantic personal publishing platform with a strong focus on aesthetics ,web standard and usability.Wordpress is what you use when you want to work with your blogging software ,not fight it.It offers thousands of options for expansion and customization ,whether through themes and plug-ins or custom code.

Wordpress is the content management system (CMS) of choice for millions and it is easy to see why ,it offers considerable power and flexibility out of the box ,with a wide range of attractive themes and can be extended with some of the best plugins you will find anywhere.The program is based around PHP and MySQL ,but you don't have to a web development expert to get everything to work.Supports for templates and themes means you are able to customise the look and feel of your site quickly without complex coding.Wordpress is highly customizable from creation of custom pages to quick changes to the permalinks of your pages ,it allows you to do just about anything you want with a side even then a plugins and themes are available to upgrade and enhance in your website in many ways.
To get started with Wordpress ,set it up on a web host for the most flexibility or get a free account from Wordpress themselves.It is a good user interface and a massive community to rush to when you get stuck and are unsure what to do.

Program info :

  • Latest Version : Wordpress 4.7.4 Latest Version
  • File Size : 8.5 MB
  • License : Free 
  • O.S : Windows ( All Versions )
To download Wordpress 4.7.4 Latest version .Click on the given download link below !!

Download Link :

Click here to download ( Wordpress 4.7.4.exe)

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