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The latest version of Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker helps you to work in your world with your thoughts and your words.It is an ideal dictionary for medical engineering students.With this Spellex software you can now look up definitions ,pronunciations and the correct spellings of thousands of terms from more then seventy different scientific specialities.It has very large and unique database which is fully loaded with latest BioScientific and other engineering terms used in BioScientific. It not only focusing the BioScientific students and learner also gets the definitions.Complete and correct spellings of other engineering fields like agronomy ,biochemistry ,bioinformatics ,biophysics ,ecology ,molecular and genetic biology.micro biology ,taxonomy ,toxicology ,organic chemistry ,pharmacology.Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker also has very attractive and user friendly interface

Features of Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker ;

  1. It is an amazing software that checks and autocorrect the spellings of different terms used in Bioscience.
  2. Easily integrate with Microsoft Office .
  3. It is an ideal dictionary for medical and engineering students.
  4. Attractive and user friendly interface .

Program Info ;

  • Latest Version : Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker
  • File Size : 7.76 MB 
  • License : Free 
  • Setup : Complete Offline Setup
  • O.S : Windows ( Vista/7/8/10 )
To download Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker Latest Version ,Click on the given download Link Below !
This is the Latest version of Spellex BioScientific Spell Checker which is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. 

Download Link :

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