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Programming Mistake Detector is a Java based development tool for windows that helps programmers to analyze and correct their code.It can detect bugs that can be empty blocks in the code ,dead code like unused variables and methods ,empty conditional blocks ,and loops ,Detect the copied code ,in the case of duplicate methods and other code.It is powerful tool with a specific set of rules that are basically describing the syntax of the java code .You can also set your own rules which will be prompted when that specific problem with arise.It supports Java ,JavaScript ,PLSQL ,Apache Velocity ,XML ,XSL.It is completely free product with many other features.It has plugins for many integrated development environments for java development.It is compatible with a wide range of Integrated Development Environment.

Features of (PMD) Programming Mistake Detector :

  • Efficient app for detecting and correcting codes.
  • Detect possible bugs.
  • Detect the duplicate codes.
  • Detects the cyclomatic complexity of classes.
  • Customize rules for code detection.
  • Add custom rules to clean your code.
  • Increase the performance of the code.
  • Detect all possible errors in your program in no time.  

Program Info  :

  • Latest Version : Programming Mistake Detector (PMD)
  • File Size :  52.12 MB
  • License :  Free 
  • O.S : Windows XP /Vista /7/8/8.1/10.

 Download Link :

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